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Entry #3

Scout me

2010-08-04 15:28:22 by ShadowKirby22107

Hello guys, it's ShadowKirby22107 and I need your help.
For the past couple of days, I've been uploading art but the limit is 20 pictures submitted and I think I need to be scouted.
So be a good guy and just scout me that's it. Or not
Well see ya later.


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2010-08-04 15:44:50

Not true, you can upload as much art as you want.

Asking for a scout will hardly get you one, it might help you on getting views on your art.

Sometimes not being scouted is the best, like me i have really good art and 8 scout offers on my inbox, but i'm waiting for the right person to do so, because of the name that's showing on the art page.

If you get scouted you first will have this mesages from M-Bot on your inbox:

Portal Invite by username

"Congratulations, username has offered to scout you! To accept this offer, click the link below: Yes, I would like to be scouted by username."

Luck with that.

(Updated ) ShadowKirby22107 responds:



2010-08-04 16:43:26

1: Don't ask to be scouted.
2: your not worthy of being scouted.

ShadowKirby22107 responds:



2014-03-04 18:37:23

your the best kirby fanart artist ever:)